Michelle Obama Fashion: A Budget Style Retrospective

One day you walk into your local Gap store to pick up a pair of size (insert your size here) jeans. After smiling at the overtly cheery folder/greeter/loss prevention associate, you head over to the denim wall to find your jeans. All of a sudden, 10 large men, wearing tailored dark suits accessorized by white ear plugs, rush into the store, causing a tower of cherry red wool/cashmere blend ribbed turtleneck sweaters to tumble to the floor (they also block the fitting room).

Unaware of what is going on, you start to shake so hard that a pair of your (insert size again) jeans fall tothe floor. As you bend over to pick it up you glance at a fabulous pair of Lanvin wedge ballet flats and the hem of an amazing pink and black floral printed swing skirt that you recognize from the Summer 2008 sales rack of your local J.Crew. You quickly grab the jeans from the floor and stand up to find yourself face to face with our new first lady, Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama Fashion: A Budget Style Retrospective

At any other point in US History the likelihood of the above scenario happening to you would be, well, zero. However, unlike other stylish first ladies, Michelle Obama actually wears items from lower-priced, mall-based stores like J.Crew and Gap. She even wears them more than once Michelle’s love for the mall based store is so profound that her 6 year old daughter Sasha, unaware of the political filters put on her parents and telling it like only a six year old can, exclaimed “Mommy buys everything from the Gap”.

Regardless of your political stripes, there’s something quite comforting about a first lady who knows her way around an H&M (and has had to wait in those crazy long fitting room lines). In light of our current economic situation, this knowledge is even more valuable.

Michelle Obama Fashion: White House Worthy Style For Less

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  1. JulianaM says


    I love this!  It’s creative, affordable and beautiful… I could totally see her wearing all of this.  I love that RL Donnie dress. She’d look terrific in something like that w/ her height & build… great job, K!

  2. dollilou says


    Thoroughly enjoyed this retrospective!  One thing I love about Michelle Obama is that she looks like a normal woman, and is beautiful and confident.  I already find myself obsessing less about my size based on her excellent example.

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