Michelle Obama Cardigans: Look for Less


Michelle Obama without a cardigan is like Superman without a cape, Lindsay Lohan without a tan, or Lady Gaga with pants (woops). Even if you’re not aiming for the First Lady’s conservative/sophisticated look, adding a few different cardigans to your wardrobe is a good idea. Not only will one add a splash of color to an otherwise plain dress or outfit, but it really comes in handy when the weather cools down at night or when the office AC is on blast.

Tip – Unless you’re rail thin, a cardigan will look most attractive on you if it’s not buttoned up all the way.

Here’s a nice selection of cardigans for you to rock:

August Silk Long-Sleeve Cardigan from Macy’s, $34.98

August Silk Cardigan & Shell Set in Ginger, Black, and Pink from SmartBargains.com, $39.99

Cambridge cable crewneck cardigan from JCrew, $39.99

Raglan Sleeve Cardigan from Express, $19.99

ECI Circle-Print Cardigan from Dillard’s, $11.70

Merona┬« 3/4 Sleeve Cable Cardigan Sweater – Forever Berry from Target, $19.99

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  1. EmilyKennedy says

    Thanks for the links.  You reminded me of some good options that I sometimes overlook, and you inspired a blog post.  Thanks thanks!

  2. says

    @zaftig- speigel is a great source, but can be a bit pricey sometimes as well
    @dealhunting J crew also has amazing coupons (which we did post from time to time until they threaten to sue us)
    @emilykennedy- glad to inspire!

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