Michelle Obama Wears Ann Taylor Coat

image source: Mrs. O

Political discourse has never been so engaging, and by that, we mean dialogue about “current events” like what is Michelle O wearing right now.  Sure, she’s not the only political lady that rocks a mean sense of style, and there have been plenty before her who have played the style card beautifully.  (Insert appropriate homage to Jackie O!)  But there’s something so approachable about Mrs. O; she’s worn H&M dresses, and she shops at Target, but then on the other hand, she’s catapulted fashion careers for young designers.


Most recently, the first lady was seen wearing the Ann Taylor Promenade Coat from the Spring 2012 Collection in California!  Politics aside, how freaking cool is it that our first lady can pull off colors like tangerine orange with a bright yellow top? What do you think of Michelle Obama’s fashion sense?

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  1. Janet Rogers says

    I’m a stylist in New York and this looks like the coat we did for a shoot with TNYMA for an upcoming catalog.

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