Michael Kors Teams Up with Estee Lauder

What: Fashion designer and Project Runway fav Michael Kors has a new project in the works. The man who’s known for creating chic and luxurious clothing is partnering with Estée Lauder to create an affordable line of cosmetics. Called the Estée Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Color Collection, the new line will reportedly feature two color-palates based on Kors’ most recent runway lineup. It is set to debut at department store makeup counters in January.

What Allure Says:
“‘Bel Air Beige’ is warm, with shimmery peaches for cheeks and lips, beige and chocolate for the eyes, and an opaque beige nail polish. ‘Rodeo Pink’ focuses on that color, at least for lips, cheeks, and nails; the black-and-white shadow duo works for sultry smoky eyes. There’s also a loose shimmer powder in pearly pink for the signature Kors glow.”


What We Say: For years, Michael Kors has been known as the go-to designer for chic clothing that’s inspired by worldwide vacation destinations—from St. Tropez to St. Barths. While we certainly won’t be making any trips to those exotic locales this winter, it’s nice to know we’ll be able to get products to give us the same faux “glow.” While we’re not sure how much makeup expertise Kors has, per se, we’ll go ahead and assume that Estée Lauder’s own experts helped him along the way in picking out the perfect shades.

Will you check out this new collaboration?

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  1. sassyT says

    COME ON!! I’m SO over aaaaaaaaaall the “collaborations.”  Whether it’s actresses as clothing designer/shoe designer/handbag designer/perfume maker/cosmetic artist, or designers ‘designing’ cosmetics.  How disappointing.  I would have thought Michael Kors would have been one of the few designers NOT to fall in the “collaboration” trap. What happened to being ORIGINAL?  Being DIFFERENT?!!  I

  2. lavaniableu says

    Why not give Michael Kors the benefit of the doubt? His fragrances are just as lovely as his clothing and accesories, Let’s check out his makeup before we judge.

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