New York City Fashion Week Spring 09: Michael Kors

What: Michael Kors Runway Show, Tent at Bryant Park, New York City Fashion Week Spring 09

The Lowdown: Holy Primary Colors, Batman! Michael Kors “>Michael Kors is not pulling any punches—or softening any edges—for Spring. We’re talking bright yellow, red, blue and—you guessed it—black. Big bold stripes, polka dots, and a 50s/60s influence (full skirts, sexy sheaths, swing jackets) run throughout—making this no collection for a shrinking violet. We have to say we’re knocked out, because fashion really should be this much fun. We particularly love this line, too, because Kors knows how to make a statement but still produce wearable pieces and silouettes. Go Michael!

Budget Solution: Our best advice? Pick the primary that looks best on you, and grab one piece that really stands out—like this Charter Club Swing Jacket on sale at Macy’s or this Ralph Lauren sheath “>Lauren Ralph Lauren sheath on sale at Bloomingdale’s—and wear it with the confidence it deserves, and maybe some black and white horizontal stripes while you’re at it . . .

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