Michael Kors Island Capri Fragrance

What: Angela gets spritzed with Michael Kors’ new fragrance line, Island Capri

The Lowdown: This month, Michael Kors unveiled his new, summer-vacation-in-Capri-inspired fragrance line. Citing Bridget Bardot, Grace Kelly and Jackie O. as inspiration, along with the like-named island that’s known as a jet-setters vacation destination, Kors expects that this scent will be a vaca in a bottle—fresh, chic, and instant relaxed glamour. I wish, but it is just a fragrance after all. Floral and citrusy, the scent boasts orange bigarade, Italian basil, bergamot, rose petals, violet de Parma and dark fig. Plus island cypress. Oh, and some Italian jasmine, too. What this all amounts to is a nice, summery fragrance. While I suppose it should whisk me (mentally) off to resort island paradise, what it does is make me somehow all the more aware that I’m sitting in the midst of snow and ice, and a little depressed about it besides.

Yea or Nay: Could be a yea for the carefree summertime, but right now it’s a Nay— seems a little out of place in the dead of winter. And for $60 for 1.7 oz., I’d have to feel really good about wearing it.

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