And Bing’s Most Searched Fashion Brand for 2012 is…

Bing, dubbed by Microsoft as the “decision engine”, has put together a list of top search trends for 2012.  Last year’s king of fashion brand searches was luxe brand Gucci, but even the Italian leather goods royalty had to bow down and settle for third because of this year’s new big winner: Project Runway‘s Michael Kors.

We’re amazed that the brand seems to have a Midas touch to every line it has: watches, bags, clothing–you name it, they nail it. Enthusiastic customers agree that the retail experience at Michael Kors is nothing short of wonderful, especially when the shopping involves unlimited credit line and cash. Sure, it’s expensive, but at least they make products worth your hard-earned dime. As we here at TBF like to evangelize every time, value over price.

Interested to see if your favorite brand made it to the list? Here’s the full Top 10.

Top Searched Fashion Brands & Designers on Bing in 2012

1. Michael Kors

2. Louis Vuitton

3. Gucci

4. Ralph Lauren

5. J. Crew

6. Chanel

7. Prada

8. Juicy Couture

9. Burberry

10. Tory Burch


What do you guys think of the list? Which ones do you think have the staying power to remain in the 2013 list?

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