Yea or Nay: Metallics

Let me first start of by saying I like metallics…

Well.. In moderation..

Nothing can add a dash of pizazz to an otherwise unremarkable outfit than a cute pair of silver flats (Lovin’ the ULTRA expensive Tory Burch Reva ballerina flats) or a rockin’ gold clutch. However, it seems that the trend, which has been around for like the past 3 or seasons, is starting to get played. From Canal Street to your local mall, it seems that everyone is selling and buying the trend, a trend that is starting to be abused.  The other day I saw a women walking down the street looking like an Upper West Side version of the Tin Man.  Is the end near for the metallic trend? Or do you think it still has some life in it?

Yea or Nay: Metallic Trend?

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  1. Parvonet says

    NAY!!! Only for “ladies of the night” should NOt be seen in the day or on anyone over 12 yoa. PAiring the bag & shoes ia s double dog no no ! I live in the South & see this all the time , it’ll stop you in your tracks!! A 300 pounder with a bright cheap K-MArt gold metallic bag with do dads hanging off it & matching dirty, scuffed matallic fake gold shoes ! Jeez!

  2. says

    You can’t rush into every trend and we certainly can’t go crazy with a head to toe statement…in metallic, animal print, whatever. I try to introduce one or two trendy accessories into an outfit. I think that’s what creates our individual style.
    I don’t think that we have seen the end of metallic, just maybe a more subtle style.

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  3. sara Stuhl says

    yay yay yay.

    head to toe isn’t how it’s done.  it’s not how you do anything.  check out metalic leggings or hot shorts from american apparel.  great.

  4. says

    I love a great metallic handbag or strappy sandal. They go with everything! Metallic is a wonderful trend and I don’t think metallic accessories every really go out of style. But I think you said the key word “moderation”. When people start wearing the look from head to toe, you know that they’re well on their way to ruining it for the rest of us.

  5. christal says

    I think it still has a little life left as long as it is done in moderation like you said.  As long as people will do just the shoes or a belt and pocketbook.  But I too have seen plenty of 80’s flashbacks on shirts, pants and shoes and it has not been at the club.

  6. says

    we certainly can’t go crazy with a head to toe statement…in metallic, animal print, whatever. I try to introduce one or two trendy accessories into an outfit. I think that’s what creates our individual style. I’m for yea on metallic.

    SoHo Accessories

  7. says

    I personally like the more muted metallic pieces that have been showing up lately – think soft pewter or bronze instead of mirror-shiny gold or silver.  Think subtle glow instead of major bling.

  8. diane says

    Just returned from Chicago shopping on Magnificent Mile.  The metalic trend is going to gunmetal this fall. So stop buying the shiny silver & grab the next gunmetal item you see.

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  9. Stephie says

    I say Yea! I think this trend actually has some staying power.  It’s kind of comparable to animal print.  Great in moderation, but you’re always going to have abusers. You have to know what pieces you can do for your size and shape.

  10. manasvi says

    one piece at a time of any trend. animal print, polka dots, and metallics. I feel like metallics are a really great unexpected neutral… if done in moderation.

  11. Kara says

    Nay on the metallic trend, it seems to come and go, decade in, decade out, but I have yet to see an actual metallic ensemble that is completely flattering.  Metallic accents are alright, they attract the eye at the right twinkling magnitude – not like a beaming reflection of the sun.

  12. Mojo says

    Could be either Nay or Yay for me. I think it depends on how it is worn and the piece itself. Definetly agree it should not be overdone, one or two pieces per outfit would suffice.

  13. cathy says

    I think metallics are ok for shoes. I’m not a big fan of metallic purses or belts. I agree with kiffen and deja pseu – bronze and softer metallics are better.

  14. suz says

    It’s looking very young to me lately. Metallics are looking cheap to me on over-30s this season. (Agreed that the AA metallic leggings are great—very young, but great on the young.)

  15. Nancy B. says

    Yea…as long as you don’t go nuts with it.  Use the KISS rule when wearing metallics – keep it simple, sweetie.  ONE good quality, understated accessory per outfit is fine.  Or a little glitz on a top or sweater.  But nothing more.  You don’t want to be blinding people as you walk down the street.  And if your jewelry has some serious bling to it, skip the metallic accessories altogether.

    Personally, I like to do my metallics in handbags.  I have a couple that I switch off between frequently, depending on my mood and outfit.  They’re not ostentatious and are actually rather subdued for metallics.  I also like a little metallic accent or trim on tops, especailly the necklines.  It brightens up your face.

    But head-to-toe metallics? Forget it.  Unless your goal is to look like a “Lost In Space” refugee or a baked potato.

  16. says

    The 80’s pretty much overdosed me on metallic (as well as animal prints, neon, and batwing-kimono style sleeves), so I say if you’re going to wear something metallic, it would be best if it were made of metal.  Say, a cuff bracelet or necklace.  Otherwise, IMHO, one looks like a reject from a Pat Benatar video.

  17. tonimarie says

    This metallic trend is nothing new. It’s been off again, on again for the last 40 years. I also remember the 80’s overkill with metallics, neon colors, and anything else just plain obnoxious. I prefer my metals to be real too.

  18. Marcie says

    I don’t mind metallics in general but I hope they’re done for the season because it is an absolutely gorgeous day in this part of California – sun-drenched, clear blue sky. Basically with summer coming, it’s too sunny for metallics! I think they work better on cooler, grayer days when we need a little sparkle.

  19. Sharmi says

    Love the metallics!  I think that a touch of metallic adds pizzazz to even the most boring of outfits.  However, some of the head to toe metal dresses designers featured on their runway shows for spring made the models look like C-3PO from Star Wars!  There is such a thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to metallics. Adding metallic touches such as a bag, sunglasses or some cute flats (pictured above) can add some oomph to a simple outfit.  My final thought on metallics – A little goes a long way!

  20. says

    I don’t think metallics will ever really go out of style. The trend might go away for a while, but I think that it will end up resurfacing again, sometime in the future. Take wedges for example. Wedge hill shoes became really popular in the 1940’s and 50’s. They went out of style and came back in the mid 1970’s, until the early 1980’s came around, when the style’s went in a more conservative direction. Presently wedges are back and stronger then ever, and have been for the past couple of seasons. When something is really popular it usually ends up resurfacing in the future, and I have a feeling that this will be the case with metallics. For now, it is a little played out.

  21. Alisha says

    I really like the metallic looks. Like most of you I like to dress my outfits up with metallic belts, purses, shoes and headbands. I think a plain tank with jeans dressed up with a metallic jacket makes a great night look. Many designers added metallics to their fall 2007 collections. I do agree some went overboard but many made the looks very intriguing by using metallic to make a certain piece stand out. I don’t think this popular look is going out of style any time soon. I believe as long designers will continue using metallics in their looks people will continue wearing them.

  22. MS PHILLIPS says


  23. Kelly says

    I thing the metallic trend is getting carried away. Some metallic is OK if it is used in moderation but when your shoes and pants match your gold or silver jewlery your taking it overboard. I thing prints in metallic is OK but to make a whole metallic outfit is crazy. You are supposed look in the mirror to see your outfit not be able to use your outfit as a mirror. I think it is getting way to out of hand and will be dying out soon

  24. kelly says

    I really like the trend.  It seems to work well for most age groups although head to to gold lame is reserved for a certain age in a certain Florida city (you know I’m right!)  But seriously it’s better than most of the primary colored plastic stuff out there now.  I like looking young like the rest of the gals but in my late thirties, I don’t know if lime green baubles is the statement I really want to be making.  I say YAY!!!

  25. SkyFlower says

    Metallics have become neutrals in their own right. They are classics.

    That said, if you dress yourself in too much of any neutral, or any color, for that matter, you lose the punch, the pop, whatever it was that made you choose each piece!

    So – go ahead and exult in your wonderful bright and shiny – or soft and subtle – metallic bag – and instead of looking for things to ‘match’ it, look for things that showcase it.

    For instance, if you’re going with the supershiny bag, try a bottom in brown or gray, and take advantage of your supershiny’s shiny new classic neutral status by choosing a top in any color – as long as it’s a color that looks great on you.

    Then add shoes that ‘go’ with the bottom, or even the top. You can get away with a pink top, gray bottom, pink shoes, and STILL carry your supershiny, as long as you keep your bling down to a whisper. Think a small pendant, simple hoops and a wristwatch, but NOT with a pink band, although a bling bezel will pass if it’s just one row of clear stones. NOT three or four rows of pink ones.

    If it’s your supershiny shoes that are burning a hole in your closet, same philosophy: Choose an ensemble that will show them off – not compete with them!

  26. Kim C. says

    YAY as long as done in moderation (one to two pieces at one time).  Also muted metallics are much more refined looking.  Especially on someone like me who is on the other side of 40 (closer to 50)!

  27. B says

    I have 80’s nightmares…There is a lifesavered leg warmer chasing me…with a silver shoe on the foot…I hear multilayered bangles mixed with plastic bracelets…I run I run to the beat of Papa don’t preach…

  28. Linda says

    YAY! But only if it’s well done, not tacky. I hate these pointy flats to death (and most way-too-pointy Cruella Deville shoes), but metallic colors can brighten up a simple outfit a lot. In moderation, of course! I have belts and flats with only a tad of metallic in them, just enough to catch the eye, but not enough to blind someone and that’s the effect I’m looking for, afterall. 😉

  29. Rhonda says

    I say yay to metallics but they should be limited to ONE peice per outfit and as an evening statement. Anything more is just overdone.

  30. candra says


    metallics are great! In moderation…..i have a wonderful pair of silver flats-round toe not pointy of course…pointy only looks fab with heels, but peep-toes are a better look for this summer!  Anyway metallics are here to stay- It’s a great way to stand out, shine, and brighten up any gray,blue, or SUnny day! : )

  31. HotChica1 says

    Yay! I love the metallic shoe pictured here. I say everything in moderation. One piece as an accent and basta! If you can wear silver or gold jewelry why not these metallic flats or a belt to dress up those jeans or black outfit? as long as it’s ONE and it’s not scruffed up like Parvonet said.
    Oh and if you’re a big woman DON’T wear metallic clothes! It’s not slimming, so stick to the accessories only.

  32. Barbara says

    In moderation – when someone is covered with/carrying a trend whether it’s metallic, animal prints, whatever IT’S TOO MUCH.

  33. Rick says

    Are you serious?  Nay.  Oh so very nay.  However, you can get away with it in some circumstances.  Just make sure that:

    1) The rest of your outfit is at least as flashy (but, for heaven’s sake, not metallic)
    2) It’s at night.

  34. Mia says

    I thought this trend had passed….then what do I see all over the Fall fashion mags but MORE metallics! Last year I bought a gorgeous Kenneth Cole bronze leather tote (at Marshall’s for 50% off the $180 msrp, BTW) and I had stored it away this summer because I thought metallics were so “over”, but now I may just pull it out for one more season.

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