Yea or Nay: Metallics

Let me first start of by saying I like metallics…

Well.. In moderation..

Nothing can add a dash of pizazz to an otherwise unremarkable outfit than a cute pair of silver flats (Lovin’ the ULTRA expensive Tory Burch Reva ballerina flats) or a rockin’ gold clutch. However, it seems that the trend, which has been around for like the past 3 or seasons, is starting to get played. From Canal Street to your local mall, it seems that everyone is selling and buying the trend, a trend that is starting to be abused.  The other day I saw a women walking down the street looking like an Upper West Side version of the Tin Man.  Is the end near for the metallic trend? Or do you think it still has some life in it?

Yea or Nay: Metallic Trend?