High Vs. Low: The Metallic Wedge Sandal

Shoe designers have taken the sandal to new, ahem, heights this season—with color, texture, and really interesting heel details. As you know, metallics are the new neutral, and so are cropping up on handbags and sandals all over—including in the form of a gold wedge sandal that is surprisingly versatile. Here, two options—one that fits our budget perfectly, and another that would have us all stretched out of shape. So which is which?

On the left, a luxe version by Emilio Pucci, $570 at eluxury.com Emilio Pucci, $570 at eluxury.com; on the right, a perfectly cute budget version, $44.95 at Carabella.com

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  1. says

    Unlike my embarrassing defeat with the white shorts contest the other day, I found this one was pretty easy.

    The expensive ones are sculptural and interesting. The bargain ones aren’t much of a bargain in my book – lucite heels just scream “pole dancer” to me…am I the only one?

    But those ones on the left are lovely, and I’m not a big fan of wedge heels in the first place.


  2. Anonymous says

    You got me there with the lucite heels, modernlunacy—however I think the rest of the shoe looks pretty great!

  3. abk_8011 says

    This was kind of easy…. the Pucci sandal is stunning. If I had my ‘economy stimulus’ check right now… I’d probably drop it on those shoes.

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