Metallic Napkin Rings: The Look for Less

We love the formal look of metallic napkin rings. There’s something about the shine and gloss added to a place setting that really sets it off and makes the whole thing glow. Not to mention, they can make even an informal barbecue seem like an elegant meal.

What we don’t like is the price – several times more than the napkins they hold! But with a little ingenuity, not to mention some paint, you can make metallic-looking napkin rings for a fraction of the cost. It’s easy to do and a quick project as well.


To make, simply purchase some unfinished napkin rings from a craft store (we found them for less than $1 each), as well as some metallic spray paint. Coat the rings with spray paint inside and out and let dry (be sure to spray in a well-ventilated area; outdoors if possible). Once dry, give them another coat of paint to fill in any lighter areas. Allow them to dry completely, then use them to add some extra shine to your table.

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