Messenger Bags for a Cause: Green Fashion

messenger bag from Bags for Zaza Don’t you just love scoring something super cute that also makes you feel super great?

Enter two blogs that offer environmentally-friendly messenger bags as fundraisers.

Bags for Zaza is a fundraiser conducted by Jennie in British Columbia. Family members of Jennie are in the process of adopting a little girl from Colombia (currently referred to as ‘Zaza’, thus the blog name). Jennie thought she could combine her sewing know-how, with her passion for the environment to help raise money for Zaza’s adoption. Using fabric and scraps she’s acquired through the years, Jennie creates unique and original messenger bags.

The bags start at $25 and 100% of your purchase price will be donated towards Zaza’s adoption.

Darfur Project Eclectic Bags is run by another of our Canadian friends, Joyce, who describes herself as being “raised by a frugal prairie farm woman who reduced, reused, and recycled long, looooong before it was trendy; I’ve come into the concept of re-purposing honestly.” The Darfur Project Eclectic Bags blog is functioning as a vehicle to raise funds through the sale of “Re-joyce bags”. Currently, they are operating the “bag a day” campaign. Every day, a new bag is posted and at 6:00 pm daily, the highest bidder becomes the bag’s new owner.

As a responsible consumer, here’s what you can feel good about: the bags are primarily made from recycled fabrics purchased at thrift shops and garage sales; most of the thrift shops are themselves humanitarian aid fund raisers; while keeping this stuff out of the landfills, you get to enjoy little pieces of history; the proceeds of this project are intended for food aid to people in camps in Darfur, Sudan via the United Nations World Food Programme.

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