What to Buy Fall 2007: Menswear for Women

What: Menswear styling for women this fall with tailored jackets and pants in traditional colors kicked up with a bit of feminine detail, like this Marc Jacobs look, far left.

What the Fashion heads say: From Vogue: The borrowed-from-the-boys look takes on a more refined quality and cut for a woman’s shape. Key pieces: collegiate jackets, frock coats, vests, wide pants and tuxedo styling.

What I say: Smart tailored jackets and pants have become a classic women’s look, right?  I can’t quite figure out why then, as it comes and goes season after season, we continue to call it “menswear for women.” At any rate, it’s a do for fall, but remember the key to keeping it modern is in the details. Punch up the traditional look with a bold colored blouse or pumps, or sleek leather gloves, to make it very ’07. For a budget-friendly version, Tahari by ASL (at Macy‘s) has the right idea: a strong suit kicked up with a soft paisley belt.