What to Buy Fall 2007: Menswear for Women

What: Menswear styling for women this fall with tailored jackets and pants in traditional colors kicked up with a bit of feminine detail, like this Marc Jacobs look, far left.

What the Fashion heads say: From Vogue: The borrowed-from-the-boys look takes on a more refined quality and cut for a woman’s shape. Key pieces: collegiate jackets, frock coats, vests, wide pants and tuxedo styling.


What I say: Smart tailored jackets and pants have become a classic women’s look, right?  I can’t quite figure out why then, as it comes and goes season after season, we continue to call it “menswear for women.” At any rate, it’s a do for fall, but remember the key to keeping it modern is in the details. Punch up the traditional look with a bold colored blouse or pumps, or sleek leather gloves, to make it very ’07. For a budget-friendly version, Tahari by ASL (at Macy‘s) has the right idea: a strong suit kicked up with a soft paisley belt.

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  1. Michele says

    It’s called the 1940s look. Think Katherine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall. It was a “big” scandal when Kate first wore pants albeit wide-leg pants. Like TBF said, it just keeps repeating year after year. It’s a classic and will never go out of style. Can’t go wrong.

  2. says

    I agree with you TBF. We’ve seen the so called “menswear for women” look for at least the past two fall seasons. I guess the fashion mags have to give the look a name so that’s the one they’re sticking with.

    And Susanna, don’t knock your “harried bureaucrat” look. With all the election frenzy in the US, you may just start a new trend! LOL

  3. pintucked says

    I love the tailored ‘menswear for women’ look! My only problem is I can’t figure out how to make it figure flattering on me. I’m a complete square, no waist, no hips, giant bust.

  4. BMWfan says

    I really like the look too!  I think it became a lot more popular because it’s common to see women in the professional/business world scene these days.  It’s a very sophisticated style.  I’ve seen a lot of the outfits in higher end department stores like Lord and Taylor.

  5. Miss Vreeland says

    This is how a LOT of professional women dress every day and they have been doing it for decades. To keep from looking boxy, use feminine accessories and wear a belt and a strong eye or lip. Don’t wear the super-fab high heeled oxford booties I know we’ll all be buying with trousers and a blazer or you will look like a womanish man. I love the combo of camel and gray in the accessories. Can’t wait for fall! Real clothes!!

  6. Rosie says

    It is somewhat amusing that this is a “look.” As Miss Vreeland said above, many professional women have been dressing like this for ages, and don’t really have much choice! Corporate fields like law and finance can still be extremely traditional, leaving many of us feeling like we have to wear the same boring suit and accessories every day. I think perhaps the greatest thing about “menswear” being in style again is that all the magazines will give us some fresh new ideas that will perk up our stagnant work wardrobes! Yay!!!

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