Women + Men: Equally High Maintenance

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We all know that woman.  The one who takes a small eternity to get ready.  The old sorority sister with marathon makeup sessions before a big date.  Your current roommate who budgets an hour before work to shower, prep her skin, etc, etc.

But get this.  Most women aren’t that bad.  In fact, most of us are on par with men.

According to a HuffPost Style study, 52% of both men and women say they take 10-30 minutes to get ready in the morning.  In fact, 25% of men take 30+ minutes as opposed to 21% of women who claim they take 30+ minutes in the morning.

The preening games do take a turn when it comes to getting ready at night.  42% of women take 30+ minutes to get ready as opposed to only 20% of the dudes.

On average, how long do you take to get ready in the morning and for a night out? What about your man friend?

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