7 Ways to Navigate Memorial Day Sales


Memorial Day on our shopping calendar is the stuff summer lovin’ is made of: sales tax holidays in some states (if you’re lucky to live in one), massive deals and discounts, and a whole weekend’s worth of excuse to shop around ala-The Fast and The Furious.

Now… we personally know how summer euphoria and sale-shopping high can be a, um, volatile mix to our common sense and our wallets. Fortunately, Andrea Woroch, a respected resource on money-saving and smart spending for everyday consumers, has shared with us these simple, practical tips from her article, “7 Ways to Navigate Memorial Day Sales”.

7 Ways to Navigate Memorial Day Sales

1. Make a List
Andrea explains why a comprehensive shopping list is in order for the shopping weekend. “Memorial Day sales aren’t just about preparing for the summer. This is a good time to buy items needed for the next school year or even as Christmas, wedding and birthday presents.” So yes, feel free to expand your shopping list to include stuff other than a new barbecue grill.

2. Scan Circulars
“Stores frequently advertise early in Sunday or Wednesday circulars, so make sure you check your local paper to determine which merchants will offer the best buys,” the personal finance guru posits. Don’t forget to check online, too–for instance, The Budget Fashionista offered a Memorial Day Sale roundup previously.

3. Stock Up on Discount Gift Cards
Andrea also suggests stocking up on gift cards from websites like GiftCardGranny, where you can buy discount cards anywhere from 10-percent to 30-percent off the face value for both major and minor merchants.

4. Use Coupons
Being a little tech-savvy helps, too! Andrea recommends checking online for free shipping codes and coupon deals, as well as going mobile by downloading money-saving apps to your smartphone before heading out to shop. “Foursquare provides exclusive coupons to those who “check-in” to various retailers, and retailers often post deals on Facebook and Twitter for loyal followers which you can access via smartphone.” She shares this story with us for tips on which apps to download for your iPhone or Android device.

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