Mega Rolls: Green Tip

Today’s green tip focuses on how you can green your toilet paper.  We understand very well that there’s a difference between squishy soft T.P. and recycled, somewhat, well let’s just be nice and say “less squishy soft” T.P. There are some green soldiers out there who are willing to go recycled and we at The Budget Ecoist say, “You are braver than us, dear friend!”

But even though we’re not quite ready to trade in the Charmin, we do have a great compromise: mega rolls!

At first we weren’t especially excited about mega rolls.  They’re giant—and seeing that roll protruding from our bathroom wall, just announcing the purpose of our little loo with some sort of explanation point, is kind-of disturbing. But then we got to thinking green and our perspective changed.

A regular roll of Charmin contains 176 sheets of paper, while a mega roll contains four times that amount, 704 sheets.  And the even better news about that is that you can get a 12-pack of mega rolls, equaling 48 regular-sized rolls, for much less money than you would pay for the regular-sized rolls.

In addition to saving money you are also saving natural resources because you’ve cut down on the amount of trees needed to create the little cardboard insert.  Just think of it….one 12-pack of mega rolls cuts down on 36 cardboard inserts.  And in addition you’ve cut down on the plastic wrap the toilet paper comes packaged in.

P.S. Most people will need an extender to be able to fit the mega rolls onto their dispenser.  Go to charmin to request one for free.

See?  You don’t have to go scratchy to go green, when it comes to toilet paper. Now that’s something we can all get,um, behind. =)

Image courtesy of Charmin

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