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A few years back, Avon decided to update its image and target a younger demographic, so they added Mark —a line of makeup designed to be used, and sold, by young women. The line has never made a huge splash, as far as we know, but we’ve always been a fan of Avon, even if they were a lot cooler for our mom’s generation than our own. For those of us who do lots of our shopping online, we like that the Mark products offer a wide variety and are inexpensive—but is their website user-friendly? We decided to check it out.

Our Review: Mark actually has two websites, which was a little confusing at first. But as it turns out, one——is the actual shopping site, while the other— —is more of a blog, with video clips featuring current celeb-of-the-minute spokesperson Lauren Conrad, as well as advice and info on becoming a Mark sales representative (or as they like to call it, a “Social Beauty”.) The sites link to each other, and have a nice “sister site” feel, so while we might normally say two sites is a bit of overkill, in this case, the choice—depending on your reason for visiting—is kind of nice. is pretty straightforward—mostly video clips, the site features both fashion and makeup tips, the latest Mark products, and puts the spotlight on representatives., however, is where we’d end up—because, since we’re slightly older than the target demographic, we don’t really have time to shuffle through all those clips. We just want to buy our lipgloss and go.

Which is easy to do here—the site is easy on the eyes and equally easy to navigate. A couple of quick clicks and we found a few lip glosses that we feel good about, like these Mark Juice Gems for just $6 apiece. All the prices sit well with us—and because it’s Avon, it’s not taking a shot in the dark as far as quality goes. The site also offers “wishlist” and “find a rep” features (nice if you actually want to see or try products before you buy).

The Verdict: Yea. Fun makeup on the cheap, and a site we can trust.

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