Meet The Priors: Green Home

The introduction of electronics recycling stations only highlights the problem of all the disposable hardware in our world. Busted monitor? Buy a new one! PDA lose all your contacts? Better upgrade! Drop your cell phone in the bathtub? Just head to the mall and re-up your contract. Not so fast – The Priors, a family in the UK, have set up a website so you don’t have to constantly spend more money and glut up the landfills with plastics that seep into the ground water. They offer step-by-step advice on how to fix your own cell phone, make your own replacement stylus for your PDA and even fix the laser on a PS2.

We love that the list of items to have on hand in order to repair a dunked Samsung include Vaseline and cotton buds. MacGyver’s got nothing on this family! You know Verizon won’t be giving out this kind of information, so a big thank you to the Prior’s for making maintenance a priority, and doable.

While we are on this DIY home repair rampage, we found another site that is most useful in saving money and the environment. The wikiHow is striving to be the world’s largest how-to manual for those of us who want to take matters into our own hands but were not born with the fix-it gene. Check out the wikis and empower yourself, fatten your pocket book and say “no thanks” to the local handy man with the impossibly low-waisted jeans. Here’s what we improved with their expert advice:

How To Fix a Running Toilet – money saved $75

How To Clean a Rug – money saved $185

How To Hold a Sectional Sofa Together – Super simple maneuvers making for a much more pleasant movie night.

And if that gets you going, you can also learn How To Make a Purse for your American Girl Doll, and stop spending so much on Sushi take out after you learn How to Make a California Roll.

But How To Unclog Your Septic Tank is where we draw the line; we say let the professionals handle the large scale poo. Hey, we’re budget-savvy, but we’re not crazy!

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