High vs. Low: The Medallion Flat

The Challenge: The ballerina flat shoe adorned with a gold medallion is one of the hottest shoes of the fall. One of these shoes is the real deal, retailing for $195.00, one is an inspired version retailing for $86.95, and the last one is an inspired version retailing for $19.95.

So tell us which one is the high, medium, and low priced versions?


The first is the Jeffrey Campbell Fleur Flat, which retails for $86.95 on Zappos.com. The second shoe is the Crest ballet flat from Payless, which retails for $19.99.  The third shoe is the original Tory Burch Reva Flat, which retails for $195.00.

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  1. Judy says

    As you know I love this High/Low stuff…and of course not being very discerning I picked them TOTALLY in the wrong order!!

  2. luvadeal says

    So when I decided which pair of these flats I liked the best, it turns out it was the pair from Payless!!  Who would’ve thought?  So it’s acceptable to buy shoes from Payless?  I’ve never done that!  Also, I checked out the Payless website and they only show a black version – no gold.  Is this metallic style a keeper through many seasons?

  3. BiancaWhite says

    Um..not sure how this is a hot shoe for fall.  In my opinion, these are dangerously close to being played out.  Everyone seems to own either the originals or the knockoffs at this point.  At this point the trend is over so it isn’t worth buying a disposable pair.  I say if you buy these now, you must really love the look of them and want to wear them forever- so invest in the Tory ones which are made from a really lovely, sturdy leather.

  4. TBF says

    Sorry BiancaWhite.. you’re wrong

    I am at fashion week and pretty much everyone here is either wearing a black flat with some sort medallion/embelishment or platform sandasl

  5. BJohnson says

    Wow. I was completely off. I guessed that the Payless one was the mid-range one, and that the other two were the opposite of what they actually were.

  6. Heather says

    I love these shoes although the Payless ones aren’t too too comfy.  However, they have been out since this past spring which is why everyone at fashion week was probably still wearing them.  They are wonderful for all seasons.

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