Meals for Four under $15: Budget Grocery Tip

We’re always looking for a way to save money on groceries and still make delicious meals. So when we found out that Whole Foods offers a booklet online, Meals for Four for under $15, we had to check it out. From ready-to-top pizza crusts and easy baking mixes to scallops in a delicious sauce, the recipes will help you get a great dinner on the table quickly and deliciously, with ingredients easily found at Whole Foods or other grocery or organic food stores.

We love the Organic Chicken Sausages with Peppers and Onions – a great choice for a quick and healthy weekday dinner, or a good addition to a Saturday afternoon barbecue menu. The Garlicky Whole Wheat Pasta with Spinach is a delicious vegetarian dish that takes advantage of ingredients most likely already in your pantry — pasta, garlic, spinach, mushrooms, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese.