Matthew Williamson Partners with Macys on Capsule Collection

What: Brit Designer Matthew Williamson partners with Macys for their capsule collection series and TBF has reserved excitement.
What They Say:

The Matthew Williamson capsule collection will illustrate a bohemian mood full of color and print that is irresistible to the eye. Deeply reflecting Matthew’s signature style, the line fuses sophisticated separates and collectible 70s-inspired dresses priced on average from $50 – $120, with specialty pieces selling up to $300. Key items will include bold, graphic animal inspired print and embellished day and party dresses, bohemian blouses, printed scarves and flirty day-to-evening rompers, all with Matthew’s iconic styling.

Kathryn Says: This is an excellent partnership choice for Macys. Williamson’s relaxed ethnic boho designs are accessible and easy to wear, while also being easy to reproduce on a mass scale without going into the realm of cheesy chicness (I’m looking at you Lagerfeld for H&M and Zac Posen for Target). I doubt the average Macys shopper (present company included) will get juiced about the collaboration and I’m sure that’s not the purpose of the collections. The real question is whether or not Williamson’s brand is stronger enough to draw trendistas who are apparently allegric to Macys into stores.

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  1. says

    Yeah… I’m more likely to think of Macy’s if I’m shopping for a mattress than for clothes. It’s be interesting to see what turns up there though. I wasn’t that psyched about the H&M collab – too expensive!

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