Chicago Shopping Event: Marshall Field’s Flea Market


Chicago Fashionistas might want to check out the Marshalls Field’s Flea Market, located at the store on state street in the Loop (the Loop store is soon to be the only Marshalls Field saved from changing over to the Macy’s name). The Flea Market starts starts today and lasts until May.

Here’s a description of the flea market from Chicago Magazine’s Sales Check Newsletter:
Field’s buyers have scoured markets in Western Europe and collected a dizzying assortment of items, ranging in price from $1 (vintage buttons, French postcards, and pill tins) to about $12,000 (a mint-condition Louis Vuitton trunk). The bulk of the items will cost less than $100 . . .

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  1. Samantha Reston says


    I just wanted to point out that the plural of fashionista is fashionistas with NO apostrophe.
    Also, in Chicago, we call it the Loop, with a capital “L” as it is a SPECIFIC place.  Lastly, my sister works at Field’s/Macy’s and told me the flea market is going on a lot longer than March. 
    Good luck!

  2. says


    My Dearest Samantha-

    You’re right the flea market goes until May…

    But cut me some slack on the minor grammar issues…. I just wrote 70,000 word book where the term “fashionista” in all of its forms was used at least 500 times. Yes,I know the “Loop” is a specific place (I’ved been to Chicago several times- in fact I was born only 2 hours away) and I think in order for Chicago to avoid horrible capitalization errors, city officials should just call it “downtown” like every other city in the world…

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