mark Flip For It Spring Color Kits: Product Review

What: With a soft spot for makeup kits, Robin wants to see if the mark Flip For It Spring Color Kits, $18, are really worth flipping over.

The Lowdown: I love a well-thought-out makeup kit—considering I lose stuff all the time, the all-in-one function is fantastic for me. This kit, which is offered in three color palettes (and named after great cities like South Beach, Sydney and London) has two eye shadows and a blush on one side, and once you flip it over, two lip glosses and two lip colors on the other side. I tried the Sydney, which has pinks and plum hues. The shadows went on silky and had the perfect amount of shimmer. The lip glosses were super shiny, sweet and not sticky.

Yea or Nay: Yea. This compact is going with me everywhere this spring.

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