Marilyn Minter Teams Up With Intermix

What: Legendary downtown artist Marilyn Minter has teamed up with Intermix to promote breast cancer awareness. The fashion-forward retailer has created a limited edition tote bag featuring an image from Minter’s 2009 film, Green Pink Caviar, which will be on sale in stores and online through the month of October. Proceeds from tote—which retails for $48—will go to benefit Bright Pink, a non-profit organization that educates and supports women who are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer across the country.

What Intermix Says:
“Intermix is extremely thrilled and honored to collaborate on this project with Marilyn Minter. This gives Intermix the opportunity to work with one of the most celebrated contemporary artists today. Through this collaboration, we are able to benefit Bright Pink, which is an exceptional charity which supports breast cancer awareness, a cause that rings true with our customers” said Intermix CEO Khajak Keledjian.

What We Say: Minter’s artistic works sell for thousands of dollars, so picking up her limited-edition tote bag for just $48 (while you still have the chance) is probably a sound investment. Not just that, but aside from carrying around a cute bag, you’ll also be giving money to a great charitable organization. So it’s a win/win situation, and who doesn’t love that?

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