NYC Fall Fashion Week 2011: Mara Hoffman

What: TBF attended the Mara Hoffman Fall 2011 Fashion Presentation for Fall Fashion Week.

What they Say: The Mara Hoffman line, evolved from her early work featuring hand-dyed silhouettes to her current collection, which concentrates heavily on original prints and encompasses everything from dresses, leggings and blouses to cashmere coats, knit sweaters and scarves. Hoffman recurrently draws inspiration from nature and fantasy, often finding creativity from her own travels around the world. Her Ready-to-Wear collections have been shown for many years on the runway during New York Fashion Week.

What We Say: Mara really designs for the chic city dweller, which of course, is what we consider ourselves. And though she is best known for her swimwear collections, we actually prefer her attire, which frankly, is fabulous. Despite dealing with the major lines outside the presentation that even Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution couldn’t quell (yes, from Kel On Earth – she really does run shows), we thoroughly enjoyed the fashion, which we guess is what it’s all about or whatever.

Hoffman’s work really stands out in her colorful, bold prints, with clear worldly influences. Our personal favorites, her bold maxi dresses, are flawless with sexy cut-outs that reveal some skin up top, because they’re ain’t nothing wrong with revealing a little when you’ve shrouded your legs in fabric.

If there is nothing else to take from Hoffman’s Fall Collection, note her bold and colorful patterns–we spy a huge trend this fall that you shouldn’t pass up.

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