Reader Tips: Preserve that Manicure

TBF reader Ronica sent me tips products she uses to preserve her manicures:

Sticky (that’s what it’s called) base coat ($5.99 at your local drugstore).  A coat or two of this and my polish lasts WAY longer.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat ($9.99. Gives a glass-like shine, makes polish last much longer, and dries it with in a minute or two. This stuff is gold!)

Have a cool tip? Please feel free to send it along.

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  1. morgan.2004 says

    orly bonder – one coat then polish – another coat of bonder then polish
    one coat of seche vite…..

    doing it myself my mani will last for a week.  at the chop shop. 3 days

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