Mango Comes to America

Like fast food, American’s love fast fashion. Lucky for us, we have Europe to clog our shopping arteries with their superb mass market clothing chains. H&M, Zara, Mexx, TopShop (soon), are all here. Now Mango joins the franchise. Mango, a Spanish-based brand is to Zara as Forever 21 is to Charlotte Russe. Same concept. Same place of origin (Spain for Zara and Mango/ California for F21 and Charlotte Russe). Alot of the same stuff.  Mango is planning to take US malls by storm, opening 15 stores by the end of this year and will continue to feature big name models (Naomi Campbell) in their ads.

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  1. Elizabeth-Rose Amidjogbe says

    I’m so excited to hear that. When I lived in Spain, there was never a more beautiful site than Mango on one side of the street and Zara on the other.  I loved to watch people pour into both stores! This will take me back to a great place in my life

  2. says

    Charlotte Russe quality is a bit lower than Mango, and as I remember, Mango is a bit more pricey, but not bad.  Of course, this was Paris Mango, where EVERYTHING is pricey.

    By the way, your link is broken.

    So, what cities?  When?

  3. TBF says

    All I heard is that they’re opening by the end of the year- which in the retail world could mean by Spring.. I’m sure they’ll be one in NYC, although a lot of these international brands are looking to launch in other cities because of the high, high cost of retail space in NYC.. so I wouldn’t be surprised if the first stores are in the LA or Chicago areas.

    Also.. I wasn’t comparing Mango to Charlotte Russe, but more of Mango to Zara, using F21 to Charlotte Russe as an example. You’re right.. Mango is a better and more expensive

  4. Anne says

    Yeah, those shops may be affordable, but if they don’t carry anything approaching your size, who cares.  The consensus here seems to be that at H&M and Zara, you have to buy a few sizes up because everything runs small.  If you’re already at the top of the range, you’re out of luck.  I know H&M has a “plus” division but no store in Philadelphia carries them.  We who don’t wear size 6 like to look fashionable, too!  And we have money to spend!  Wake up, Euro imports that cut for 10-year-old boys instead of curvy real women!  OK, that’s my rant for today.

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