Mango Mans Up to the Recession

What: You may have passed by a Mango store in the mall, but they’re a relative newcomer to the USA. Don’t underestimate this store – the Spanish brand has been promoted by Hollywood heavyweights Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson. They’re now launching a campaign called “Think Up,” which will feature 90 clothing items from its current collections for prices starting at $24.90.

What They Say: From NY Mag:


This is all well and good, but it begs a question: If Mango can shave significant percentages off its less-than-stellar quality goods, were we being overcharged? Something to think about.

What We Say: You can learn more about the campaign on the Mango Think Up blog, which apparently has nothing to do with fashion on a budget. So, we’re not totally “getting” it. But we don’t really care – $24 for clothes and accessories that would normally cost $60 and up? We like. The fact that we may have been charging too much all along? We don’t. Still a bit confused on when we can all cash in…let us know if you’ve got the scoop!

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