Mandinez Mandala Line: Green Fashion

When Jivelle Callender (Panamanian/model/designer) sought inspiration for her new clothing line for Mandinez, she just closed her eyes. The results . . . pronounced, symmetrical visual symbols of meditation. The graphics adorn her 100% organic cotton, super soft totes and tees she calls “Mandala,” a nod to the Mandala meditation that inspired the look. The designs are also created with water-based colors and are sustainable, natch.

The transcendent tees are perfect for yoga or Sunday brunching, whatever makes you relax and feel at one with the earth. And all of this fashion is under fifty. Tees start at $28 and totes for your jaunt to the Farmer’s Market are $30. If that weren’t enough of a big deal, first time buyers can get 10% off the total order by using the code: MANDINEZ10. Get the latest news from this socially conscious designer by signing up for Mandinez’s email list and score 15% off your first order.

We especially like the Supernova design, (and especially like saying “Supernova”) and the simply named Peace, pictured above with impossibly hip dude. But there is a pulsating meditation visual representation for all walks of life. Celebrity Sighting: Mandinez’s Night Star tee from the line will be worn in the upcoming feature film, Red Canyon. So hurry up and get your own, then proclaim that Hollywood is stealing your style.

In addition to the purity of every inch of thread and drop of ink that goes into the casual wear of Mandinez, the manufacturing is, of course, sweatshop-free. Organic, fair practices, sustainable and inspired by meditation. Can it get any greener than that? Perhaps only in Leonardo DiCaprio’s worm bin.

Want to know more about why organic cotton makes a difference? Read Organic Cotton 101.

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