Male Pantyhose or the Craziest Comment EVER

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about whether or not women should wear pantyhose. Some how the post was linked to from some pantyhose fetish site.  Now, I get at least 50 comments a week, no joke, from men who have pantyhose fetishes. Some I let through because, well, they’re well written and kinda of funny. Recently, I received the post below and it had me laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. I decided to share the love.

Here’s the post

“In answer to the women who say men don’t know what women go thru by wearing pantyhose i say you are wrong. Many men are wearing pantyhose in 2006. Several companies even make them for us too. I wear them myself daily and they are quite comfortable if you get the proper size. I find the trend of barelegged, barefoot, painted toes with sandels look ugly, lazy, cheap and just disgusting.”

Now my friend Lloyd, a former queen who did a brilliant Diana Ross back in the day, did wear pantyhose while on stage. Most Drag Queens do. But for some reason, call me straight-laced, I just have a hard time imagining your average, straight, hairy legged, Maxim reading guy putting on a pair of Leggs pantyhose on a daily basis. Just can’t imagine it. Please correct me if I’m wrong . . .