Male Pantyhose or the Craziest Comment EVER

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about whether or not women should wear pantyhose. Some how the post was linked to from some pantyhose fetish site.  Now, I get at least 50 comments a week, no joke, from men who have pantyhose fetishes. Some I let through because, well, they’re well written and kinda of funny. Recently, I received the post below and it had me laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. I decided to share the love.

Here’s the post

“In answer to the women who say men don’t know what women go thru by wearing pantyhose i say you are wrong. Many men are wearing pantyhose in 2006. Several companies even make them for us too. I wear them myself daily and they are quite comfortable if you get the proper size. I find the trend of barelegged, barefoot, painted toes with sandels look ugly, lazy, cheap and just disgusting.”

Now my friend Lloyd, a former queen who did a brilliant Diana Ross back in the day, did wear pantyhose while on stage. Most Drag Queens do. But for some reason, call me straight-laced, I just have a hard time imagining your average, straight, hairy legged, Maxim reading guy putting on a pair of Leggs pantyhose on a daily basis. Just can’t imagine it. Please correct me if I’m wrong . . .


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  1. says

    Because after hearing they’re convincing arguments, FOR SURE we all want to cater to their fetishes! *erg* Or not.
    As to bare-legged, painted-toe sandals looking lazy? OBVIOUSLY someone’s never gotten a pedicure. Takes MUCH longer than pulling on a pair of evil, sausage-leg inducing pantyhose. (Note: I’m all about hose/tights in the winter. But in the summer? So. Not. Fun.)

  2. says

    If you go to the post you’ll notice quite a few dudes writing their thoughts on panythose. After about the 20th comment, I was like why are all these guys posting comments about pantyhose? It just seemed sooo weird… Then I google the post and found a link on a pantyhose fetish forum. I guess they rallied the troops to make sure their opinions were heard.

  3. Jim says

    Let me say as a guy that this fellow’s nuts and doesn’t represent the rest of us.

    I like the look of hose of women in certain cases but comments like this turn me off the whole thing.

    Ladies, do what you think is best and please don’t pay attention to this guy. You all look great with or without hose.

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