Magnet Collage: DIY

We came across this magnet collage project on the DIY Network and immediately wanted to try it out. Instead of using the craft knife and steel-edge ruler, we tried to simplify the process with a pair of scissors. The results? You’ll just have to see. While this project inspired us, we made it all our own. Was it a good decision? You’ll decide. Hopefully, our step by step process will encourage you to try out your own magnet collage project.

Our supplies:

magnet supplies

Four sheets of cardstock paper, ordinarily used for scrapbooking
Heavy duty scissors
Adhesive spray
Two magnet sheets (DIY Network advocates sheets with adhesive backing, but we couldn’t find any.)
A can of acryclic clearcoat

How to do it:

1. Pick two sheets of paper and cut them into fun shapes.
2. Arrange them artfully on the white side of the magnet sheet.
3. Spray adhesive onto the magnet sheet and glue the pieces in a fun arrangement. We picked different patterns and layered them. Here are our uncut magnet sheets:

Magnet sheet
4. Do the same with the second set of paper and second magnet sheet.
4. Let dry.
5. Spray the acrylic clearcoat–make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area.
6. Cut the dried magnet sheet into rectangles, triangles, pentagons–use what you learned in geometry class. Arrange them on your refrigerator or white board.

finished magnets

Here’s a picture of our favorite pieces, arranged on our refrigerator. Some of the paper didn’t stick, and the edges didn’t quite add up. We were having too much fun to be precise, and quite frankly, we think it looks pretty cool anyway!

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