Do Good: Maggie Gyllenhaal Teams Up With Trickle Up

What: The Dark Knight’s femme fatale Maggie Gyllenhaal and Trickle Up have teamed up for one of our fave combinations—fashion and a great cause. In this case, Gyllenhaal tapped New York jewelry design studio TENTHOUSANDTHINGS to design a necklace with proceeds to benefit Trickle Up’s “Seed a Dream” campaign.

The Lowdown: The necklace features three charms—a seed to represent the $100 seed capital grant that will help a poor person launch a microenterprise; a globe to represent Trickle Up’s outreach to people around the world working to pull themselves out of poverty; and a person doing the celebratory “arms up” gesture that indicates empowerment. Here’s how it works: For a donation of $100 to Trickle Up, you can help a poor family start a microenterprise in Africa, Asia, or Latin America, and receive the charm necklace or send it to a loved one as a symbol of a donation made in her honor. Grants of $100 go directly into the hands of extremely poor people as ‘seed capital’ to start their own businesses.  In addition to start-up money, Trickle Up will give program participants business training and savings support to help them build sustainable livelihoods. 


To Make Your Donation, or For More Information: Visit and click on the necklace picture to learn more about the “Seed a Dream” campaign and watch a special 75-second animated short narrated by Gyllenhaal.

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