Magazines: Recycle This

Here are ten great things to do with all those old magazines cluttering up your home:

1. Donate them to retirement homes, libraries and doctor’s offices. (Be sure to remove your mailing address first, if you have a subscription)
2. If you have recipe magazines (hello, Rachael Ray!) that you can’t bear to part with, try these options: cut out the recipes you want to keep, hole punch and pop into a binder for safe keeping amongst your other recipe books; or roll them up and fill an old wine rack with the recipe magazines. Suddenly that old wine rack doesn’t seem so useless anymore.
3. Peruse the magazines for images to help you create a goal collage. A collage is a powerful reminder of what you want to accomplish. Travel magazines might unearth that old desire to visit the Egyptian pyramids. Finance magazines might remind you how to save for that summer home you’ve always wanted. Whatever the dream is, visualizing it will bring you one step closer.
4. One word: Decoupage. And one definition for those who don’t know what that word means: a decorative technique in which a design is made of cut-out pieces of printed paper glued onto a flat base and then varnished. Check out this how-to video from Expert Village or this fun family craft for the kids.
5. Host a monthly exchange with friends. Last year we got a subscription to Paste Magazine for one of our friends. He’s boring and usually only gets things like programmer magazines (sorry, programmers). So we hear that Paste is his one coveted magazine in the monthly swap!
6. Origami. Don’t let your Japanese friends have all the fun!
7. Wrapping paper.
8. Funky placemats that make a statement. Start with a 12×18 piece of construction paper. Center the magazine cover on the construction paper and paste down. Laminate it. You’ve got yourself some pretty sweet placemats!
9. Roll a couple of magazines and insert them into wet boots. The magazines will help the boots maintain their shape as they dry.
10. Recycle them. For real. Just throw them in the recycler. This one’s for the lazy folk!

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