What a shame . . .

From ChicagoMag.com

Well, it’s official. Before long, the Marshall Field’s name will be dead, save for commemorative plaques at the four corners of the block-wide store. Make way for Macy’s at State Street (Chicago), complete with an illuminated sign set to perch on the top floor. The trademark green awnings will be replaced with Macy’s signature black. Despite the name change, many Marshall Field’s traditions will continue, including the Christmas windows, the Walnut Room, the historic clock, and the fashion extravaganza Glamorama. Macy’s announced plans to remodel the interior and exterior of the store, including re-opening a private elevator to the swanky 28 Shop. The new management also plans to offer valet parking and possibly a fresh food operation. The upgrades sound exciting, but we still don’t see what would have been wrong with Macy’s Marshall Field’s.

I find this repulsive . . . the State Street Marshall Field’s is as iconic as shopping gets in the Midwest. At the rate Federated Department Stores is gobbling up retailers, all department stores in America will be called Macy’s. So much for consumer choice.