Unveiled: M by Madonna Collection at H&M

My girl Christine at 15 Minute Beauty sent me a link to images from the new M by Madonna collection at H&M. Now, this isn’t the fashion blind item I posted about two weeks ago (all I can say about that is that it involves a recent fashion icon (but not Paris/Lindsey/Nicole, etc.) and a truly budget- friendly family sportswear oriented superstore), but the collection does look like it will be quite wearable and accessible.

The collection will be available in stores this month.

P.S. Is it just me or does it seem like H&M is raising their prices?

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  1. Tan says

    H&M has definitely raised prices since they first opened their doors in the US.  Now I feel for the same price I may as well hit the outlet malls and get something that will last (after washing/wearing) a bit more.

    I saw the M by Madonna line, and to me it’s a bit safe.  I was expecting something with a bit more of and edge and a bit more unique?

  2. Kathleen says

    I think you are right about the prices at H&M. I have noticed over the past year that their items are much more expensive than their similar competitors. For example, a shirt that I can find at Forever 21 for 10-15 will be there for 30-40 dollars. I am constantly surprised by their prices.

  3. The Jokimo Image says

    Yes, H&M are raising their prices but only slightly.  I am interested to see what their Collection of Style line will look like.

  4. Anne says

    I’m not impressed with Madonna’s line or with H&M.  Their clothes don’t fit me – they seem to all be cut for 10-year-old boys, not curvy women like me!  And I find their stuff overpriced for what it is.

  5. phyllis says

    Madonna line looks very nice,however i can imagine how expensive it will be.H&M has been getting more expensive.I used to shop there but don’t anymore because most of the clothing especially the sweaters and t-shirts i see/buy have little holes which gets bigger after wearing and washing,and I’m tired of having to return items.I may just wait for a sale to browse and pick out what i like with an eagle eye.

  6. anonymous says

    bit surprising the madonna line does not follow the entertainer personna she has morphed over the last two decades – however, i find the line fresh, clean, sharp and practical – it allows the working girl, that be me, to do that katherine hepburn, madonna mom look – i say thank you madonna, though us working girls have blond ambitions, how many of us wish we had the courage to wear the gaultier bra to the company christmas party :)i say keep us guessing –

  7. Ilona Paris says

    I was very excited about the first Madonna jumpsuits.  When I viewed them they were cheap, expensive and dissappointing.  The photos are not coming up for this link but I will be curious to seem them.  I am aniticpating the same poor quality which is a shame.

  8. says

    The M by Madonna collection is surprisingly classic and tasteful. I was expecting something more funky from her. But business woman that she is, she knows how to appeal to the masses!

  9. says

    I saw females working at H&M.. and I loved their M tees… I thought they were just wearing them at first.. But now I see its uniform.. and it definitely beats a McDonalds teeshirt or sumn.. and they’re comfy..a nd normal!!!.. people wear vintage and logo tees EVERYDAY.. so at H&M.. workers feel cute and at home.. but prices are getting high there!!

  10. Chantal says

    Uhmmm, I don’t get it…what’s so new about any of it? I seen everything in there at least a thousand times.

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