The Final Word on Stretchgate: LYCRA Responses to My Letter

Sometimes the squeaky wheel does get the attention. LYCRA’s parent company, Invista, did send a much appreciated response to my grammatically incorrect letter on Friday regarding what I now call the “Stretchgate” controversy at Spring 2007 Fashion Week. For those of you who haven’t read the post, click here to read it.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a “G-list” celebrity (listed above your town mayor, but below Isaac from “The Love Boat” on the celebrity scale) or because the post is now #1 when you google “LYCRA Xfit”, but Invista did craft an immediate and somewhat humble response to the incident and for that I give the LYCRA folks kudoos galore.  I did suspected it was a case of a PR person gone crazy, and, in defense of PR folks, it’s often their jobs to be “gatekeepers”, but to be rude and humiliating to someone who can and will promote your brand is just bad PR.  I hope LYCRA takes this as challenge to work with publicists who understand the power of good relations with all forms of media.

But all was not bad at Fashion Week….. The four shows I did go to (I had invites to about 10 but couldn’t make them) were fabulous, especially Ms. Vera Wang. The flight attendants and pr staff on hand for Delta airline, one of the main sponsors of Fashion Week, were exactly what PR people should be- friendly, accommodating, and offering free caffeine.  One of their attendants, a fine specimen of a man, talked to me for at least 5 minutes about their new route from JFK to Fort Lauderdale. Little did he know that I’ll be flying that route quite often in the upcoming years and, thanks to him, I will definitely consider Delta in my travel plans.

Read LYCRA’s response

Dear Kathryn:

Thank you for the e-mail you sent late last night regarding your feelings about your interactions at the LYCRA&#174 Denim Lounge at NY Fashion Week.

We are very sorry and I am hopeful that you &#173 or any other individual who expresses interest in learning more about our products – leave with a strongly positive experience.

Please accept our sincere apologies.

Please also be assured that it is our intention to market LYCRA&#174 brand products to a diverse customer base across the globe.  In fact, we hope X-Fit LYCRA&#174 fabric technology is embraced by a broad array of consumers of diverse shapes and sizes.

In addition to an apology, we would welcome the opportunity to visit with you in person or by phone to describe the X-Fit LYCRA® fabric technology, use, and design.

The reality is that we try to focus a lot of our LYCRA&#174 brand communications and marketing efforts to reach women of all sizes and shapes.  We would welcome your thoughts on how we might be able to better reach various audiences with products and communications that satisfy diverse needs and preferences.

If you like, please let us know where we can send you a few pairs of jeans like those that were part of our promotional efforts at Fashion Week for your personal use or for giving away on The Budget Fashionista.  We just need to know the array of sizes you would want and a shipping address.

Once again, we hope you will accept our sincere apologies.


Linda W. Kearns
Communications Director

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  1. says

    You should ask them for one pair on every single size right on up to size 30…. then you could do give aways every week for 30 weeks!!!  stick it to um I will play on size 16 week!!!

  2. Anne says

    WOW!  You GO girlfriend!  and you go Lycra!  I’m glad you got such a classy response with an apology.  Wear your new jeans with pride!  (Oh, and if you do get a size 16 or 18 to give away, I’ll play that week as well!)

  3. Kate Wilkinson says

    Now that’s good PR! If I ever go corporate I want to work for her.

    Keep us posted on the new collection as I would love to finally see a pair of jeans made for women with curves.


  4. says

    i’m so glad that they did the right thing and even gladder that you (with the power of blog behind you!) got the response you deserve – having been treated like junk at fashion events (and like you being non-white and non-thin), it’s so satisfying to see them recognize that their customer base isn’t going to put up with whatever they feel like dishing out.


  5. says

    It’s wonderful to see corporate america take the treatment of their consumers seriously.  I’m glad to see that they issued a response to your letter along with a humble apology.  Thank you for standing up and refusing to be treated like ish.  You are a shiny example of the how the pen is mighter than the sword.

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