Lunch with Less Waste: Organic Food

The next time you pack a lunch for yourself or your kids, consider this: on average, each child throws out about more than 60 pounds of lunchbox trash each year. Those single-serving pieces of waxed paper, aluminum foil and plastic baggies add up in the landfills and increase waste-disposal costs for schools.

Here are some easy steps you can take to counter this and be more environmentally friendly.

Dispose of disposables. Instead of those disposable juice boxes and zip top bags, opt for containers that can be washed and reused.

Buy in bulk. Not only is it cost effective, but purchasing foods in bulk or in larger containers produces less waste as well. Pack up those items into smaller servings, and place in reusable containers.

No paper, no plastic. Send a cloth napkin and a set of stainless steel tableware along with the lunch to avoid disposing of plastic and paper waste. Use a reuseable lunch bag — Reuseable makes stylish and eco-friendly lunch bags and containers.

Get fruity. Fruits and vegetables are healthy additions to any lunch menu. The best part: they’re completely organic and produce very little waste.

See Waste-Free Lunches for more information.

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