Product Review: Lumene Lift Touch Rejuvenating Cleansing Oil and Toner, $9.99 each for 6.8 oz.

What: Angela tries out a cleanser and toner from Nordic cosmetic company Lumene’s “Lift Touch” line of products.

The Lowdown: I’m not sure what “Lift Touch” is supposed to mean or why “arctic heather” is supposed to be good for my skin, but I’ll chalk that one up to a breakdown in cultural translation. These products claim to remove face and eye makeup gently while pampering dry or mature skin, and I’d say they don’t quite hold up on the first count, at least. After the cleansing oil, I used the toner on a cotton ball and found that it was still coming away with a whole lot of makeup – not a good sign, since I wasn’t wearing much to begin with. The products are indeed gentle and smell nice, and alcohol-free formulation is definitely a plus.

Yea or nay: When it comes down to good old-fashioned cleansing, I’d have to say nay, especially for the price, $9.99 each.

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    DHC makes an olive oil cleanser which is the bomb!  It rinses cleanly with water and leaves skin smooth and refreshed.  I use it daily and recommend it to everyone.

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