– The Shoe LookBook is a lookbook community, where photos of shoes appear on the front page after being handpicked for trendiness, with info on where to buy the shoes. is exactly like (see: our review of; both are sponsored and powered by 

That means clicking the “go there” button next to the shoe’s store location launches the page with location, directions, and large database of store reviews. 

Site Basics: Like, allows you to upload a photo of cute shoes and where you purchased them.  Their staff of judges, called The Dictators, pick shoes for the front page based on how much they like a look.  Once a photo makes the front page, any viewer can vote on whether they like it, too – the most popular shoes become TopToes.

The Community: The community is still small, and a large percentage of comments are by The Dictators themselves.  Still, we hope that shoe lovers everywhere will appreciate a LookBook dedicated solely to shoes.  It is a fun place to be inspired and show off your own collection.

The Information: However, the store information provided with each shoe photo seems less helpful than the information provided by for hairstyles. A very determined fashionista can likely find a shoe with only a brand name, but wouldn’t the name of the shoe, rather than simply the brand, be more helpful?  We suggest that partner with a shopping search engine (see our top 15 picks of comparison shopping sites) so we can find a shoe online, rather than only in Houston, Texas, for example.  Also, since shoes, unlike hairstyles, aren’t available forever, wouldn’t benefit from partnering with an image comparison engine (such as that can track down similar styles?  We know that many buyers don’t know the name of the shoe they buy at a store, and therefore wouldn’t be able to upload that information into – thus, a partnership with an image comparison website would be even more beneficial.

The Search: Feeling inspired by this site?  Say we want to be inspired by the looks in our area, only.  Special shoe-specific search options want to help narrow down exactly what we want: Seychelles in Los Angeles.  We’re not sure why we want to browse the tiny selection of shoes on, unless all we want to see are photos and we are not looking to purchase.  If all we care about are photos, then why are we looking only in a certain area?  Mhh, the mind boggles.

Moreover, the search options are still riddled with problems.  For example, a random drop down menu exists between “Color” and “Look”: “Hayden Harnett” is chosen, and we can choose nothing else.  Another random drop down menu between “Material” and “Season” is “Other” – which can also not be changed, and similarly seems to serve no function.  Additionally, the options under each search category are very limited, since the database is still small. The search options appear to take a cue from only the submissions that have already appeared on the front page, rather than from a larger editor-created list.  (For example, under “Material” we cannot choose cork, pleather, rubber, and under “Shoe Style” we cannot choose “lace-up”, as no such shoes have been uploaded.)  Unfortunately, auto-generated search options aren’t accurate: for example, the “Brand” search doesn’t differentiate between BCBG and BCBG Max Azria, while a human fashionista would know better.  For now, the drop-down menu for cities only has 11 locations – San Jose is not included, even though some of front page shoes hail from San Jose.  (San Jose shoes are listed under “other cities”.)

The Verdict: has some growing to do.  It needs to fix its search options, and re-think the usefulness of the store location information.  However, there is a lot of potential for a lookbook dedicated to solely shoes to blossom into a fun and inspirational community.

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