Lord & Taylor Rebrands Itself

What: Kathryn’s favorite department store, Lord & Taylor, launches a major rebranding campaign featuring celebrities like Lauren Hutton and Carolyn Murphy.

What the press release says:Lord & Taylor:

Lord & Taylor has announced plans to launch a $10 million re-branding campaign this fall.  Aimed to
modernize the store’s image while celebrating its 181-year-old
heritage, this new campaign will debut in Mid-August and run through
the Holiday Season.

What I say: The Lord & Taylor on 5th Avenue in NYC continues to be my favorite department store, although the mall-based L&Ts could use a bit of help. The staff are always nice, it’s not as pretentious as Saks, and they have wonderful sales. I just hope rebranding doesn’t equal “snootification”, an increase in snooty levels of both the staff and the clothing.

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  1. Anna says

    They already relaunched the website as a part of the rebranding…I think it looks great! L&T carries some of my fav. brands (BCBG,Michael Kors, Lilly) so I am very excited about this whole ordeal! I also heard their ads are going to be in Vogue and Vanity Fair this fall…

  2. LM says

    I actually visited L&T in Paramus, NJ last weekend and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the merchandise, the cleanliness of the store (not sloppy and disorganized like Macy’s)and the helpfulness of the workers. Maybe I’m getting old- I always thought of L&T as my Mom’s store- but I loved  
    what I bought and will go back soon!

  3. Anna says

    LM – I think the reason for the rebranding WAS because a lot of people had the same notion you did – thinking of L&T as their mom/grandma’s store… I think I’ll use this as a good excuse to take a trip to NYC (and visit their flagship store)=)

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