5 Quick and Easy Ways to Style Long Hair

Ever since I cut my long, long hair just after my wedding, I’ve wanted it back. So, for three years I’ve grown my hair back to its original long locks, and I’m so excited that it’s finally the length I want it to be. Long hair is especially fun because there are so many styles you can create with it. The possibilities are truly endless. Of course, long locks have downsides, too, namely that longer hairstyles tend to add more time to your morning routine. However, it almost always pays off when you look gorgeous all day long. Of course, not all long styles have to be time-consuming. Here are five ways to beautifully style long hair in a short amount of time:

Long Hair Styles Tips

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Voluminous Half-and-Half

With a good hairspray and a teasing tool, you, too can have major volume like this. Tease your hair at the crown and gently smooth backwards, securing with pins that match your hair color. Use a curling iron or a clip-free curling barrel to create gorgeous tresses like Jessica’s.

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