LOFT 2011 Summer Preview


What: TBF gets an inside look at LOFT 2011 Summer Collection.

What They Say: “We’re celebrating the casually glamorous lives of LOFT girls with a collection that’s all about juxtaposing easy and carefree with elegant and polished.”

What We Say: As much as TBF loves us some LOFT, it truly pains us to have to tell you this, but, the LOFT summer collection was, well, sort of a snooze. Let us tell you why. At first glance of the collection we thought we were having a deja vu moment because it looked similar to their spring 2010 collection. We definitely felt that the looks were carefree and easy but nothing about it was glamorous. Not even casually glamorous. Their summer 2010 collection had loads of fun flirty dresses and tops with graphic prints that were way more casually glamorous than what we saw for 2011. The collection spawned more than enough of cargo shorts and there were a few neutral colored linen dresses and pants. The only thing that really stood out to us was the jewelry. LOFT always has great jewelry and for the summer they offered cute baubles galore. We loved how the sparkly colorful cocktail rings twinkled. The handbags were cute and girlie with fun sequin stripes.

Now, we are not saying that the collection wasn’t nice, we’re just saying it was nothing to get geeked up about. However, there were a few pieces like the animal, watercolor, and safari print skirts that caught our eye. We do agree that the collection encompassed casual effortless pieces that you can wear to work, out at night, and on the beach, we just wanted to see some hot and spicy glamorous pieces blended in. After all, it is a summer collection.

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