Liz Claiborne Finds a Home at JC Penney’s

What: Liz Claiborne is moving to JC Penney’s, thanks to a new distribution deal, and you won’t be able to purchase its products anywhere else. Except for its Isaac Mizrahi line, which will be available on the QVC.

What They Say:

Because of these new strategies, the company anticipates the Liz Claibornewholesale brand franchise will move from an “operating loss in 2009 to a targeted adjusted operating profit in 2010.” During a conference call Thursday, Mr. McComb explained that the agreements came about as a result of two years of successful selling of the Liz & Co. brand at Penney’s, along with positive sales of Liz’s Dana Buchman brand at Kohl’s, another mid-tier department store. Mr. McComb noted that Penney’s, with over 1,100 stores, and QVC, with over $7 billion in sales, is “well positioned in the new normal” of affordable prices for American consumers.

What We Say: It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out…will Liz Claiborne get more or less notice from shoppers now? So it’s no longer going to be at Macy’s If you like the brand and only shop at Dillard’s, Kohl’s, or other non-JC Penney retailers…how do you feel about this move?

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  1. Sarah says

    I received a pair of Liz Claiborne pants in my size over ten years ago. These pants did not work on my body type. The but was twice mine and the waist was tight. As a short waisted, lean female I have chosen to avoid this line. No more baggy butt pants for me. If it does not fit my body well, it certainly will not flatter it.

  2. Sharon says

    As a long time Liz Claiborne fan, I’m concerned the quality and style will deteriorate being sold at JC Penney. I am not a fan of Penney’s because I think the quality of their products suck! I just purchased a couple of items from Penneys and if the quality has changed I will promptly return them

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