What I Love This Week: Shoptimism, Wal-Mart Baby Oil Gel, and MC Hammer’s Publicist

Water on the moon, Rihanna’s interview, the sneezing girl on TODAY show.. lots is going on this week. Here’s a few of my favorite things:

1. Books: Shoptimism by Lee Eisenberg. If you want to know how the world of shopping and retail really works, then you must read Lee Eisenberg’s new book “Shoptimism”.  Lee, a former Editor in Chief of Esquire Magazine and big time executive at Landsend, Sears, and White House Black Market,  breaks down the retail industry, tricks used to get you to buy, and takes us on a behind the scenes tour of Target. Plus there’s a whole page where he chats about yours truly.

2. Beauty: Equate Lavender Baby Oil Gel at Wal-Mart  Remember that lotion commercial where the model wrote “ashy” on her skin? Well, I could write an entire graduate thesis on my skin—that is until I scored a bottle of Equate Lavender Baby Oil Gel. Equate, Wal-Mart’s private label beauty brand, continues to impress me with their quality “knock offs” of popular mass market beauty brands. Their version of Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel is tops in my book-  just as good as the name brand, close to a dollar cheaper and knocks off the ash just fine.

3. Event: Housing Works’ Fashion For Action.The Housing Works Thrift Stores are some of my favorite places to shop in NYC. This Thursday, Nov. 19th, is the start of their annuel Fashion For Action event, which features thousands of top designer pieces at 50-75% off the purchase price. And the best part of the sale? 100% of the proceeds go towards helping people living with HIV/AIDS. Purchase tickets at Fashion For Action. http:// www.fashionforaction.com

4. Fashion: Wall Street Journal’s Rachel Dode’s piece on Harem Pants.  I just read a fun fashion piece by WSJ’s fashion/retail reporter Rachel Dodes. While the piece delves deeply into the Harem Pants(aka “Hammer Pants”) fad with interviews with customers and designers (Rachel Roy’s Harem pants for her lower priced collection at Macy’s is selling like hotcakes), the best part of the piece is the quote she received when she reached out to MC Hammer’s publicist, who said,and I quote “he’s trying to redefine himself as a social-media expert, and, as such, is distancing himself from the pants.” Embrace the pants Hammer.

5. Event: Score Pop Up Swap. Get Your swap on at this massive swap party in brooklyn. For a $3 admission, which is donated to the wonderful non-profit, City Harvest, you can swap your old clothing, cds, radios, etc. RSVP at ScoredatScore.com

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