Link Love: Pointed Toes, Small Purses, and Pleated Dresses: Web Round Up

Check out what’s going on in the wide world of online fashion blogs:

—If you have an apple-shaped figure, check out this guide from Styledash. Find the most flattering tops and dresses that complement your body. They’re fans of pleats and bright, solid colors.

—Fashionista tries to steer clear of big, heavy bags and instead takes a look at daintier purses with bows. We don’t see many long strapped purses anymore, but we miss them.

Manolo’s Shoe Blog examines the return of the pointed toe. If you miss wearing spikes at the end of your toes, then you’ll want to read up. They look fierce (we’re using the original definition of that word here) and edgy.

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  1. bikny says

    I miss purses with long straps too. I also think purses have gotten too big, to the point that they look cartoonish.

  2. bikny says

    One more comment on this post.  I love, love, love pointy toe spike heeled shoes.  I personally find a pointy toe more comfortable than a rounded toe shoe AND they also look fierce.  Comfortable and fierce that is a winner.

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