ClariSonic Alternative, Sandal Booties, ELF Coupon, Sexy Over 40, Saving on Groceries, and More


The $200 ClariSonic face brush has received rave reviews, but for those of us with a smaller budget, Dolce Beauty would like to point out the Pretrika SonicDemabrasion alternative; and its only $50.  Check out her experience with the Petrika.

Pour La Victoire has been coming out with some smashing hits when it comes to shoe trends – “sexy meets feminine” with the zipper embossed leather ruffle rose.  Hop over to A Girl’s Guide To Shoes for the Steve Madden affordable alternative. 

YouLookFab has the full scoop on the very latest daring shoe trend; sandal booties!  Are these just too strange for you?

In A Word…Fab tips us off to a fantastic deal going on over at E.L.F., the make-up store where everything is just $1.  It looks like they’re liquidating, and there is a coupon available for $7.50 off any purchase over $15.  Wow!  Hurry, as we don’t know when this deal might expire.

Fab Over Forty pools makeover tricks on how to look Sexy Over 40 – see the full makeover and sophisticated results. 

Brunette on a Budget has the awesome story on how a coupon clipper saved 97% on her latest trip to the grocery store. She only spent $10 on $150 worth of goods! 

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  1. DealHuntingDiva says

    A few months ago I discovered Pour La Victoire, and promptly fell in love. I bought their Bianca cutout booties, and let me tell you I have never received so many stares or compliments from total strangers. They squish my toes a bit, but for a few hours they are heavenly, and look amazing with cuffed jeans, leggings, you name it.

    • hillarygorman says

      @KathrynFinney Thanks for the info on the Pretika brush! I’ve been on the fence about buying the Clarisonic. Will try the cheap one first.

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