Link Love: $0.33 for two tops at Old Navy, Nine West trends, Balmain pieces, Mary Kate Olsen

Love Nine West?  So does the blog of The Find!  They have their finger on the pulse of the new spring line trend: platforms with wide straps.  (Nine by NineWest)

Get the scoop on how the frugal and resourceful Cheap Chica scored two new trendy spring tops from Old Navy for only $0.33!  Great find, girl! (Lunchbreak shopping: Old Navy)

A Few Goody Gumdrops is dreaming of the sexy, cutting-edge, glittering fashions of Balmain.  (Key Pieces to Own or Dream About from Balmain)

Mary Kate Olsen explains to Fashion, “I’m not afraid of walking down the street in something people think is crazy.  What I can’t stand is looking like everybody else.”  Get the full quote from The Shrimpton Couture Blog.

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