This is When You Know Budget Shopping Has Jumped the Shark….


Credit: Jenne Lala on WordPress

What: A post on recently declared that Lindsay Lohan’s (whom they call LiLo) love of black legging and job as host of the Visa Swap, is starting a new trend in celebrity budget fashion. Left over clothes are donated to Triad,an amazing organization that recycles and sells used clothing through a number of outlets throughout the UK.

What I Say:  Just A few thoughts…

1. The Visa Swap is actually a pretty cool idea. For three weeks, Visa takes over a Loft in the Convent Gardens section of London, where you “swap” used items for points on a Visa Swap card that you can then use to “purchase” other folks swaps the final weekend of the event.

2. Wearing leggings doesn’t qualify as celebrity budget fashion, by that logic, Jessica Alba’s Hanes Her Ways are celebrity budget lingerie.  Celebrity budget fashion is wearing a $9 dress (and yes, Sarah Jessica Parker, we’re giving you a prop).

3. Lindsay Lohan has a line of leggings? This makes me feel very, very sad.

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