Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale – June 6-9th 2007 at the Valley Forge Convention Center

One of the most frequently asked questions on the site is regarding the bi-annual Lily Pulitzer Warehouse Sale held outside of Philadelphia at the Valley Forge Convention Center.  So I post this with much love for my peeps who love the Lily. Enjoy!

Lily Pulitzer Summer Warehouse Sale Schedule

Valley Forge Convention Center
June 6th 5am-8pm
June 7th 7am-8pm
June 8th 7am-8pm
June 9th 9am-2pm

For more information call 610-878-8748
or visit

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  1. Becca says

    Anyone who has attended the show: how great are the deals and how does it operate?  Would I be driving over an hour to get a black eye fighting over a cute dress? Just want to know what I would be facing…

  2. says

    Am so happy….thax for posting me with the scheduled hours for sale on her collection. Pulitzer’s collection is awesome. Defines smartnee through its outfits. Must rush.

  3. TBF says

    Well. I’ve attended the sale before and unless you’re a fan of the brand, it’s probably best to stay at home.

    On the first day, the line is REALLLY long and you can wait up to 2 hours in line before getting. there’s not much variety, so you see a bunch polo shirts in like black, white, and pink, the same print dress, and few pairs of shoes. The sale does tend to have a wide variety of sizes, a few accessories and some clothes for children.

    It’s held in a big room, with a common fitting area, so if you’re modest wear a cat suit or leggings and a tank. Stuff is usually everywhere, so you will have to dig and even open up some boxes yourself. Grab whatever you like, cause if you put it down, it will be snatched up by someone else

    Price are less expensive than retail, but not less than say buying the line at a Filene’s Basement.

    Again, it one of those things that if you’re a big fan, you should attend, if only for the experience.

  4. Tina says

    This is in response to the question above

    I’ve gone twice and had to wait in line for hours both times…seriously people camp out for it.  Stock is updated throughtout the day.  If you are a size six you will do pretty well since that is the sample size.  You can get samples for very very very cheap if you look in a specific section. 

    Again, you have to really like the look, I’d suggest going to a store that carries her stuff and trying on stuff to get an idea of what size you are and what things you need to look for.  Also check out her website to get an idea of the style.

    There’s also the opportunity to get accessories like totes, purses, belts and more.

  5. Becky says

    Just wondering if there is a good selection of toddler clothing at the sale, and if there will be any Lilly maternity there.  Does anyone know?

  6. Sasha says

    Wow, I work less than a mile from the VFCC and am seriously considering stopping by.  Would it really be super crowded at 6AM?  And does anyone know what season’s clothes they typically have?  I really hope they have shoes :)  Thanks!

  7. Tina says

    In response to the 6 am question:

    Two years ago I got there at 5 am and was over the 700th person in line…and it took 2 1/2 hours to get in.  There is always a wait, seriously people drive up from NC to go to this sale.  Its an event, not just a sale.

    They have the current lines and such, anything from previous seasons is marked especially low(which will include fall/winter merchandise).  They had shoes two years ago for about $60 a pair, but none last year.

    As for toddler clothing.  They’ve had a good selection of baby clothes in the past and at reasonably good prices.

  8. TBF says

    The last time I was there- which was three years ago, there was shoes and a some toddler/children clothing. It’s hard to tell what it will like this year.

    However, If you are a fan, you should really go, if only for the experience. I met some women in line who came from tokyo japan for this sale.

  9. J says

    I attended three years ago and was one of the people who camped out overnight. I arrived with some friends around 8:00 pm the night before the sale to stake out a spot, and we were the third or fourth group in line. By 11 pm, there were a hundred or so people in line, and by 2 am in the morning, there were hundreds more.

    The samples go quickly, but from what I recall, I bought a bunch for $35 a piece. The samples that year were a size 4 (stretch fabric). Most of the other non-sample items were reduced by about 50% or so.

  10. Amelia says

    Hi everyone!  (=
    I will be skipping school this upcoming week to attend the event for the first time, and I am very excited.

    Does someone who has previously attended the event have advice on what to wear, in terms of trying things on and such. Please let me know, it’d be a great help.

  11. amelia says

    Hi everyone! (=  I will be attending the event this upcoming week for the very first time, and I am very excited.

    Would anyone who has previously attended the sale be able to offer some advice on what to wear that day, in terms of trying on clothes and such? It would be a great help.

  12. Gracie says

    the sale is great
    a ton of fun
    long wait but defenitaly worth it
    cute clothes at low prices
    if you want something grab it
    public dressing rooms wear leggings and tank

  13. Paula says

    This sale is the best!  It is an opportunity to meet Lilly Lovers from around the world.

    I used to get in line at 2AM on the first day of the sale and be about the 200th person in line—-people bring tents to camp out.  People use to save spots for folks and one year that caused an uproar with women throwing shoes at eachother—-what a spectacle—- so now numbered cards are handed out.  If you don’t have a card you don’t get to butt in line!

    Go to the dressing rooms to find the best selection—-items are usually all over the floor as people hog stuff for hours and then leave it in a pile.

    They use to have fabric to buy by the yard but that hasn’t appeared in a few years.  Sometimes there are homegoods like tablecloths and comforters!

    The samples are often good—-at the Fall 2006 sale I got one of the holiday line dresses which retailed at around $250 for $35!!!

  14. says

    I was wondering if it was still worth it to go on the last day of the sale? Will there be any clothes left at all? And also, can you still go in the middle of the day, or is there nothing left then?

  15. Kerri says

    I plan on going to the holiday sale—my first trip down from Mass.. Does anyone know what type of items they sell in the holiday sale?  Also, would you suggest getting to the convention center at 12am?

  16. emily says

    The Holiday Sale is November 30 (7am – 8pm) and December 1 (8am – 4pm).

    I got there last time around 3am, and was still pretty far back in the line. Regardless I got GREAT, GREAT bargains. I would say that the only reason to be the first in line is to get the sample stuff ($35 dresses, $5 sweaters, etc). But that stuff is very limited, and only in the sample size. The spring sample size was 6. Anyone not a size 6, not really worth waiting in line early as there is a huge quantity of items in every size and it is replenished throughout the day.

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