Light Wash Jeans, Blouson Dresses: Weekly Poll Wrap-Up

This week, our fashion forward readers voiced their opinions on a host of fascinating issues in our daily polls:
~Light wash jeans are making a comeback, but our readers aren’t so sure they’re ready to give up their dark denim duds.  A whopping 79% said they don’t like the lighter look, while 18% are excited to rock the breezy summer look, while a mere 2% opt for other types of fabrics altogether.
~ Blouson dresses are a tricky trend that doesn’t work for everyone.  40% of readers said they like them sometimes, but it all depends on your body type, while 37% said they’re not for them, and 22% loved them.
~ Over-sized beads have been around for a while, but are they “over” now?.  48% of readers said that this bold trend is tried and true classic for some people, but looks tired on others, while 30% said big beads are here to stay and 21% said the necklaces are over in a big way.
~ Do you need to fit into an itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikini for the beach?  Well, 61% of readers are with you and trying out a summer diet.  17% of our fit and fashionable readers said they’re happy the way they are and 20% are considering a slim-down.
~Wet feet are never in fashion, but Wellies are say 35% of readers who currently make a splash in this evolving trend while another 36% are contemplating a purchase and 25% would rather wait out the rain in their stilettos.
~Looks like the only kind of jellies our readers like are the fruit flavored ones that go on toast!  77% of readers said this summer trend should be reserved for kids while 10% thought they were a fun alternative to traditional sandals, and 11% were undecided.
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