Lifesta Sells Groupon’s Leftovers and Gets You the Deal

The Lowdown: Laura reviews, a site that helps you purchase, and sale, the deals you missed on Groupon and Living Social.

Our Review: is hanging on the coattails of sites like Groupon and Living Social – it’s a marketplace where people can sell or buy daily deals that are no longer available.

Say you bought a Groupon for a tanning session discount and then ended up with an unexpected sunburn. Well, you can sell your deal to someone who will use it. Or, say you waited until the last minute to snag up a Groupon deal for $50 off some clothes and now there are Groupons left. No worries – see if someone on is selling it!

Sellers set their own prices on hand-me-down coupons, so some are more jaw-dropping than others. No matter what, though, the value you’re getting is always clear. Lifesta not only shares the original deal info from the originating daily deal site, but also shows you the exact value you’re getting. That all makes for an easy and money-saving shopping experience.

Where isn’t perfect is its volume. Since it’s working with a limited number of daily deal sites and cities, the selection isn’t hugely impressive. The clothing, accessory, and beauty items are especially lacking, and sometimes just non-existent. We’re guessing the best prepaid coupons get used, as well, so Lifesta feels more like Groupon’s leftovers than anything. Of course, those who live in bigger metros like NYC have more to choose from.

We do wonder if people will start buying Groupons (and the like) in bulk and then selling them for a profit on While this might already be happening, Lifesta does such a good job at showing buyers the value they’re getting, we don’t see how this could be a real issue.

So, how well you can trust Lifesta’s sellers? Well, you don’t have to interact with them at all – buy your Lifesta voucher instantly online, print it out, and use it. That’s that. If you have any worries at all, the Lifesta Deal Guarantee “guarantees the validity of each discount vouchers sold through our website.

The Verdict: We like the idea behind Lifestra. Here’s hoping that grows its inventory and attracts more sellers, because no one likes a prepaid coupon that never gets used.

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